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Applications, Permits, Forms, Projects & Budget Information

Download documents from Town engineering, building permits, plan review, planning services, citizen committee applications and records request forms.  Also, view up-to-date capital and proposed developmental projects and latest budget information.

Capital Projects

Overview of Approved Capital Improvement Projects:

  • Tusayan Partners Park Development
  • Fiber Optic Expansion
  • Town Hall Parking Improvements/Sidewalks
  • Tusayan Employee Housing Project
  • Future Water System Investment
  • Tusayan Affordable Housing Project (40 acre dedication)
  • Natural Gas Extension
  • Drainage Study/Model Update
  • Bus Stop Art Program/Public Art “Set-Aside”
  • Trail System & Improvement
  • Utility Undergrounding Study
  • Snow Park
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Citizen Committee Applications, Records Request Forms

Codes & Ordinances

Town of Tusayan Zoning Code

Click on the following link to the searchable Zoning Code. Zoning Code

Town of Tusayan Ordinances

Engineering, Plan Review, & Inspections

For Town Engineering, the Town contracts with Woodson Engineering.For Building Permits, Plan Review, and Planning services, the Town contracts with Willdan and Associates.The engineering firms have arranged for electronic submittals and reviews, so most things can be done by e-mail.For information about Engineering and Public Works, please contact:

For information about Planning, please contact:

  • Grant Anderson 870-7600 ext 1831, Willdan Engineering 1440 East Missouri Avenue, Suite C170, Phoenix, AZ 85014

For information about Building Permits, Plan Reviews, and Inspections, please contact:

  • Autumn Wollmann C.B.O., Deputy Building Official 787-5526, Willdan Engineering 1440 East Missouri Avenue, Suite C170, Phoenix, AZ 85014

For forms, go to the Applications, Permits, & Forms tab which is the first tab up above of this page.

General Plan

  • Information on the Tusayan General Plan can be found here.

Hazard Mitigation Plan

  • The Town of Tusayan participates in the Coconino County Hazard Mitigation Plan. For more information, visit the County website here.

Housing Authority

  • The Housing Authority of the Town of Tusayan guidelines are located here.

Legal Notices



  • 2018 Town of Tusayan Zoning maps