Trail Info

Tusayan Community Trails Project

The Town of Tusayan is working with Trails Inspire, LLC to develop a community trails Master Plan. The plan objectives are as follows:

  • Safe and sustainable trails for local and visitor recreation
  • Non-motorized and multi-use trail system
  • Identify needs for commuter trails for residents
  • Identify areas of natural beauty to highlight
  • Highlight natural assets through interpretive signage
  • Grand Canyon History Trail – an interpretive trail telling the story of the human history of the Grand Canyon area.

Project updates

June 2017

Preliminary scoping:

  • Interviews with stakeholders – Private Landowners, Business Owners, Kaibab National Forest, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Trail Association
  • Interviews with local Chamber of Commerce and concierge services
  • Interviews with local trail enthusiasts
  • Presentation to Rotary Club and Wellness Committee
  • Tour of area from Fire Chief Greg Brush and former Mayor John Rueter 

July 2017

Public Input Trail Survey:

Available online two weeks before public meeting. Survey was sent to a mailing list of approximately 140 people and organizations, local business owners were encouraged to print out and distribute surveys to their employees. 36 completed survey responses were returned. Survey results can be viewed at

Stakeholders Meeting and Public Meeting Invitations and Promotion

Stakeholders meeting and public meeting invitations were sent and public meeting flyers distributed to local businesses and interested groups. Promotion was also done through social media, the Trails Inspire blog and the Grand Canyon News.

August 2017

August 1st: A stakeholders meeting took place at Grand Canyon National Park. A summary of the project’s objectives was presented followed by a roundtable discussion.

August 3rd: A public meeting was held at the Town of Tusayan Council Chambers. A presentation was given about the project and survey results. The public was invited to comment as well as participate in a map exercise to determine where they would like to see trails in the Tusayan area. A story in the Grand Canyon News can be found here and the presentation, which includes the survey results, can be found here:

Future project updates will be posted on this page.

Questions or concerns? Contact the Project Director, Sirena Dufault, via email at or (602) 571-6439.