Have a 'Grand' New Year

Have a ‘grand’ new year in tusayan

What do you want for yourself in 2021? Shedding some of that lockdown weight? Hitting the road to travel? Taking more time to appreciate the beauty around you? 

A first great step to keeping any or all of these promises to yourself is coming to the Grand Canyon – just a road trip away. The Town of Tusayan is your gateway to this adventure, just 12 minutes away from the Canyon’s South Rim.

Lodging, dining, shopping and more

Lodging ranges from high-end hotels to cozy lodges, making the town a perfect base of operations for your Grand Canyon visit. Restaurants include fine dining establishments, fast-food joints and coffeehouses. 

Additionally, the town has dozens of tour companies to help you explore the Canyon, including jeep and flight tours. There are also businesses that rent ATVs and electric bikes, plus a stable where you can ride a horse through the beautiful ponderosa pine forests that surround the town

Why Grand Canyon in the winter?

Grand Canyon in the winter has a slower pace. Most people associate a trip to the national park with summer, but those in the know say that winter might be the most special time to see the Canyon. Only 10 percent of the park’s visitors come between December and February, meaning the scenic drives are less congested and trails less travelled.  

Winter often provides even better chances of catching a glimpse of the wildlife at the Grand Canyon. There’s less woody shade to hide in and the snow can actually make them easier to spot.


How Tusayan and the Grand Canyon are working to protect your health during Covid-19.

(1) The Town adheres to the guidelines set by Coconino County, which include the wearing of masks in public places by residents, visitors and those working in our hotels and restaurants.

(2) Our restaurants and places of lodging have implemented numerous procedures to protect against the pandemic, including social distancing for in-restaurant dining, extensive cleaning protocols and temperature checks for employees. Contact the specific restaurant or hotel to learn about their procedures.

(3) The IMAX theater located within the Grand Canyon Visitor Center in Tusayan is still showing Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets, but is limiting seating to 50 people to ensure social distancing.

(4) Grand Canyon National Park follows both Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local health guidelines in determining operations at the park while ensuring public access to outdoor spaces. Before visiting, check on the National Park Services website for operation details, including what services are available.

Health officials agree that being outdoors is one of the safest ways to recreate while preventing spread of the coronavirus.


Use this resource guide to discover places to stay, eat and enjoy your Grand Canyon getaway.

7-Mile Lodge
(928) 638-2291
208 State Highway 64

Best Western
(928) 638-2681
74 State Highway 64

Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel 
(928) 638-2673
406 Canyon Plaza Ln

The Grand Hotel
(928) 638-3333
149 State Highway 64

Holiday Inn Express and Suites Grand Canyon
(928) 638- 3000
226 State Highway 64

Red Feather Lodge
(928) 638-2414
300 State Highway 64


Big E Steakhouse & Saloon
(928) 638-0333
395 State Highway 64

Chicken Kitchen
(928) 362-5920
469 Highway 64 • Suite F 

(928) 638-2208
313 State Highway 64

Pizza Hut Express
(928) 638-2203
450 State Highway 64

Plaza Bonita
(928) 638-8900
352 State Highway 64

(928) 638-4040
577 State Highway 64

We Cook Pizza & Pasta
(928) 638-2278
605 State Highway 64 

(928) 638-6484
372 State highway 64

Yipee-Ei-O! Steakhouse
(928) 638-2780
541 State Highway 64

Tour Services

Buck Wild
(928) 362-5940
469 State Highway 64
Suite A

Grand Canyon Airlines
(928) 638-2407
3555 Airport Rd

Grand Canyon Jeep Tours and Safaris
(928) 638-5337
313 State Highway 64

Maverick Helicopters
(928) 638-2622
107 Corsair Dr

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours
(928) 638-2419
3568 Airport Rd

Pink Jeep Tours
(844) 239-7465
450 State Highway 64


Grand Canyon Bikes
(928) 275-5050
3551 Airport Rd

Grand Canyon Rental Adventures
(928) 220-5907
3551 Airport Rd

Paragon Skydive
(928) 224- 9661
Main Terminal
3551 Airport Rd

Stores, Gifts & Attractions

Grand Canyon IMAX Theater
(928) 638-2203
450 State Highway 64

Grand Canyon Trading Post
(928) 638- 2418
337 State Highway 64

Tusayan General Store
(928) 638-2854
577 State Highway 64

Texaco Tusayan
(928) 638-2608
439 State Highway 64