Code Enforcement Officer

How to Apply for the Code Enforcement Officer Position

Thank you for considering employment with the Town of Tusayan. Our goal is to ensure that each applicant is fairly treated and fully recognized for all relevant experience and training. Please assist us by carefully reading the following guidelines before filling out your application. You are encouraged to call the us at (928) 638-9909, or FAX us at (928) 638-9910 if you need further assistance.
Position: Part-Time


The Code Enforcement Officer Performs a variety of technical duties in support of the Town’s local code enforcement programs. Conducts investigations of complaints and violations of zoning, land use, property maintenance, environmental safety ordinances, housing safety regulations, stipulations of Town Council, and other matters of public concern. Serves as a resource on Town regulations to property owners, businesses, the general public, and other Town departments. Performs as a highly responsible administrative liaison between staff and the public. 


Performs field and office work in support of the Town’s local code enforcement program. Performs onsite inspections of properties for compliance with zoning, land use, nuisance, building codes, and other matters of public concern. 

Receives and responds to citizen complaints and reports from other agencies and departments on alleged violations of Town zoning and other municipal codes and ordinances. Conducts investigations through interviews with complainants and witnesses and provides recommendations for resolution. Orders the compliance, abatement, or alteration of conditions which violate applicable ordinances and regulations. Schedules and performs follow-up functions to ensure compliance, including but not limited to letters, phone calls, emails, meetings, discussions, inspections, and negotiations. 

Maintains accurate documentation and case files on all investigations, inspections, enforcement actions, and other job-related activities regarding code enforcement activity to substantiate violations. Writes violation reports, memos, letters, notices, and correspondence related to enforcement activities. 

Researches case histories, approval documents, approved plans and specifications, property ownership records, sales tax licenses, aerial photos, utility records, photographs, diagrams, illustrations, and other related documents as necessary. 

Prepares cases and evidence in support of legal action taken by the Town. Assists the Town Attorney’s Office in determining appropriate handling of outstanding cases and testifies in court as necessary. 


Codes, ordinances, laws, and regulations pertaining to zoning, nuisance, abatement, building safety, capital project management, urban planning, traffic control, drainage, Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) compliance, and related areas. 

Principles and procedures of accurate record keeping in compliance with regulations and requirements of court evidence. 

Effective public relations and diplomacy tactics when dealing with sensitive and potentially combative situations. 


Format, maintain and publish charts, manuals, maps, data, reports, and communications. 

Express ideas effectively, orally and in writing, with strong collaborative interpersonal skills. 

Perform research, planning, and technical analysis to make sound recommendations based on evidence. 

Enforce pertinent codes, laws, and regulations with efficiency and impartiality. Respond to inquiries, complaints, and requests for service in a professional, fair, consistent, and tactful manner. 

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with individuals encountered during official duties. 

Work independently in the absence of supervision. 


Two years of experience in code enforcement, technical inspection, technical trades such as plumbing, electrical, or HVAC, city planning, architecture, engineering, law enforcement, building inspections, investigative, or other related fields including some public contact work. Other combinations of experience and education that meet the minimum requirements may be substituted. 

Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade supplemented by technical training in construction, planning, engineering, communication, or related fields achieved through a two-year college or technical certification program. 


Possession or ability to obtain a valid Arizona driver’s license within two months of employment. 

Code Enforcement League of Arizona (CELA) certification is preferred. 


Environmental conditions involve office and field work traveling from site to site. May encounter exposure to noise, dust, and inclement weather. 

Essential responsibilities may require maintaining physical condition necessary for sitting, standing, or walking for prolonged periods of time. Bending or kneeling during inspections, climbing ladders or stairs, and light to moderate lifting will be necessary. The operation of assigned vehicles or equipment may be necessary. 

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