Recreational Assistant (Summer Youth Program)

How to Apply for the Recreational Assistant (Summer Youth Program) Position

Thank you for considering employment with the Town of Tusayan. Our goal is to ensure that each applicant is fairly treated and fully recognized for all relevant experience and training. Please assist us by carefully reading the following guidelines before filling out your application. You are encouraged to call the us at (928) 638-9909, or FAX us at (928) 638-9910 if you need further assistance.

Download and email the completed Job Application to:

Position: Part-Time

Job Description:


This seasonal part-time position as recreation assistant is under the supervision of the Town Manager and may be assigned by the manager to work under the direction of other members of the senior leadership team. The candidate will assist in the day-to-day operations of the Town’s Recreational Offerings (Summer Youth Program). In doing so, the candidate will ensure that guests are cared for and provide outstanding customer service. The candidate will be assigned to work under the direction of the Lead Recreational Assistant and will work collaboratively with other Town Staff to assist with the tasks outlined in this description.

Pay Range:  $12.50- $17.00 an hour

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Operate a point-of-sale system
  • Greet and interact with guests in a friendly and courteous fashion to ensure customer satisfaction 
  • Assists with implementing facility special events
  • Assists with the operation of facilities, recreational programs, and services to patrons.
  • Monitors the activities of patrons in the facility 
  • Promotes safety by advising visitors about the rules.
  • Manage and maintain the resources of the property including equipment, facilities, parking lot, and other assets.
  • Monitors the hazards of unwanted guests including animals.
  • Keeps attendance, orders supplies, prepares various reports, processes paperwork, maintains files, receives fees, prepares deposits, processes refunds, etc.  
  • Responsible for keeping the site aesthetically clean and attractive. 
  • May assist in opening, closing, and inspecting recreational facilities, reporting equipment repair needs, safety hazards and criminal activities, and taking the lead in emergency situations.     
  • Perform other related tasks and duties as required
  • Occasionally directs helpers, assistants, seasonal, employees, interns, volunteers or temporary employees and may temporarily act in a higher capacity.

Necessary skills: 

• Ability to interact with staff in a cooperative manner

• Experience in customer service industry 

• Reliable mode of transportation

• Ability to adapt quickly to changes, remain flexible, and solution oriented

• Ability to work independently and collaborative with volunteers, staff, and supervisors

Physical demands: 

• Requires sufficient ambulatory ability to stand and walk for extended periods of time

• Communicate effectively both orally and in writing 

• Lift 25 pounds 

• Ability to ice Skate is a plus

Preferred Qualifications:

Valid Arizona Drivers License

First Aid or Emergency Medical Training

16 years (recreation assistant) or 18 years (for lead recreation assistant)

Experience in a hospitality related or recreational related position 

All finalists for Town of Tusayan employment must be subject to a criminal background check.

Housing benefits are not offered as part of this position, but may be negotiated with some cost sharing for the Lead Assistant. 

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