Town Engineer

How to Apply for the Town Engineer Position

Thank you for considering employment with the Town of Tusayan. Our goal is to ensure that each applicant is fairly treated and fully recognized for all relevant experience and training. Please assist us by carefully reading the following guidelines before filling out your application. You are encouraged to call the us at (928) 638-9909, or FAX us at (928) 638-9910 if you need further assistance.
Position: Part-Time


The Town Engineer represents the Town in matters of engineering and construction with a standard of care and technical judgement generally expected of a Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona. Oversees the Engineering Department Staff and Consultants as related to Town engineering matters. Reviews private development and capital improvement projects that are to be constructed within the Town limits or have a direct impact on the Town. Plans and directs the efficient and economical development and construction of municipal public works programs and projects. Work involves the exercise of a high degree of independent judgment and discretion in the interpretation and execution of policies governing public works programs. Provides responsible, complex administrative support to the Town Manager and Town Council in connection with the planning or execution of public works improvement programs and projects. Exercises direct supervision over clerical, technical, professional, and supervisory personnel. Receives general administrative direction from the Town Manager. 


Reviews private development engineering submittals for conformance with Federal, State, County, and Town regulations, codes and ordinances, standards, and general engineering principles. Reviews public works engineering plans for conformance with Federal, State, County, and Town regulations, codes and ordinances, standards, and general engineering principles. Reviews the design and preparation of construction documents, reviews bids, and recommends awards. 

Presents the Town’s position and policies to other governmental jurisdictions, private firms, and the general public on certain engineering and architectural matters. Explain, justify and defend programs, policies and activities. Negotiate and resolve sensitive, significant, and controversial issues. 

Initiates engineering studies or program review in response to inquiries from Town Council, Town Manager, or when professional judgment suggests it is advisable to do so. 

Works closely with developers, contractors, consultants, the general public, and Town departments to design and develop engineering solutions. Facilitate completion of projects and ensure Town standards and ordinances are being met. Performs engineering studies in compliance with accepted engineering standards relating to transportation, traffic, drainage, development review, water, wastewater, and flood plain administration and presents findings in the form of written reports, graphics and drawings. 

Determines scope of potential engineering projects. Develop scope of municipal projects and pepare requests for proposals and contracts for consulting services. Review proposals and agreements for consultant services. Oversee and supervise the development of project plans, review and approve specifications, plans, and estimates. 

Directs capital improvement projects falling under the engineering department’s responsibility. Oversees professional service contracts for design, inspection, contract administration, construction and testing oversight. Attends meetings and makes recommendations to Town council. Arbitrates contractual disputes between the Town and consultants or contractors involved in the design or construction of public works projects. 

Develops department rules and regulations. Provides leadership, guidance, and direction. Selects, trains, mentors, councils, and motivates personnel and volunteer staff. Makes decisions on disciplinary actions, demotions and promotions, and conducts employee performance evaluations. Ensures necessary training and other technical support for building an environment that encourages teamwork and continual improvement. 


Principles and practices of civil engineering. 

Principles and practices of planning, design, construction, administration, and maintenance of municipal public works programs. 

Principles and practices of supervision, personnel management, and performance evaluation. 

Principles and practices of budget preparation and administration. 

Pertinent federal, state, and local laws, codes and regulations. 

Methods, materials, equipment, procedures, and practices utilized in the construction, repair, and operation of public works facilities, systems, projects, and functions. 


Interpret civil engineering drawings and reports. 

Develop and maintain effective interpersonal relations with those contacted in the course of work including town and other government officials, community groups, and the general public. 

Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and implement recommendations in support of goals. 

Plan, organize, delegate, and coordinate the work of supervisory, professional, and technical personnel and consultants. 

Make engineering computations and check, design, prepare, and review engineering plans, specifications, and technical reports. 

Develop, implement, and administer goals, objectives, and procedures for providing effective and efficient public works engineering and maintenance services. 


Five years of management experience in the practice of public works engineering and construction. Experience in planning and directing difficult engineering projects, as well as supervision of professional and subprofessional engineering staff. 

The equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in civil, structural, architectural, or construction engineering from an accredited college or university. 


Must be a Registered Professional Engineer in Arizona or have the ability to obtain registration within six months. 

Possession or ability to obtain a valid Arizona driver’s license by start of employment. 


Environmental conditions involve office and field work traveling from site to site. Responsibilities and duties may require maintaining physical condition necessary for sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time. Must be able to effectively and safely perform work requiring manual dexterity and the ability to bend, stoop, rotate, reach, climb and traverse uneven terrain. The operation of assigned vehicles may be necessary for transportation to and from job sites. Must have hearing and speaking ability sufficient to communicate effectively in person, over the telephone, and electronically. Must have the ability to use a computer for prolonged periods of time. 

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