Tusayan residents will be asked who should set the Town budget limit, the Tusayan Town Council or the State of Arizona, at the special one-time one-year override Election on May 19.

Coconino County will conduct the all-mail election for the Town.

State Law requires that cities and towns in Arizona ask their voters about the spending limit, so all cities and towns abide by some sort of spending limit. Most cities and towns go to voters every four years to ask for “Home Rule,” meaning that the locally elected Council sets the budget limits for four years. Another option is to ask voters for a one-time one-year override, which if approved, allows the Council to set the budget limit for one year. This is what the Tusayan Town Council is doing this year.

If voters approve the ballot question on May 19, the Tusayan Town Council, rather than the State of Arizona, will set the Town Budget to match revenues available to the Town.

Last May the same ballot question failed by two votes in Tusayan. That meant that while the Town had more than $7 million available invested in savings, and expected to receive an additional $4 million in sales taxes, the State imposed a limit of $1. 4 million. (The state limit is set based on a formula and process set up about 40 years ago.) As a result, the Town had to cut funding for Sheriff services, to the school, the fire department, and the Chamber of Commerce, and to stop work on all projects related to the sports complex, housing, and trails.

The question before the voters on May 19 will be: shall the Town of Tusayan exceed the state-imposed expenditure limitation for the fiscal year 2020-21 to allow the town to continue to provide existing services and maintain local control of expenditures by Tusayan residents?

If the voters approve the ballot question on May 19, the additional expenditure authority will be used after July 1 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021, for the following purposes: support of educational programs at Grand Canyon Unified School District, the sport complex at the Grand Canyon Unified School District and the Kaibab Learning Center; internet improvement; affordable housing initiative; addressing traffic and public safety concerns; supporting community organizations; drainage projects, floodplain maintenance, drainage, and floodplain mitigation basins, Town Trailways Project; and Town Administration and Administrative Services.


How to register to vote:

Here are some of the ways you can register to vote:

  • Pick up a voter registration form at Tusayan Town Hall (845 Mustang Drive, at the airport, open 9-5 Monday- Friday) and after completing it, mail it to the County.
  • On line at www.servicearizona.com (use the State’s EZ Voter registration to register to vote, or to update your registration).

Note: Voter Registration Applications must be completed 29 days prior to an election in order to be “registered to vote in that election.”

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