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The town council is the elected governing body of the town, vested with the regulatory and corporate power of a municipal corporation. Only the council may establish town policy and approve the town budget. The council is responsible to the people of the town for the actions of the local government. The council directs the course of local government through its power to pass ordinances, levy taxes, award contracts, and appoint certain town officers (such as the Town Manager and town attorney) and members of town committees and commissions. The Mayor, who is also a member of the council, signs official documents, chairs council meetings, and acts as the official head of the town at public and ceremonial occasions. The Town of Tusayan has a town council made up of a mayor and four council members. The mayor is directly elected and the council members are elected at large to overlapping, four-year terms. The council members choose the Vice Mayor from among the council. Regular town council meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5 p.m., although this is subject to change. Regular council meetings are open to the public. Council meetings are held at the Town Hall, 845 Mustang Drive.

Clarinda Vail


A 48-year resident of Tusayan/Grand Canyon. Proud to live in this magnificent place and honored to be Tusayan’s Mayor. Attended Grand Canyon School K-10, graduate of New Mexico Military Institute.  Employed by Red Feather, INC. in Tusayan, in the position of Properties Manager since 1999. Served 8-year term on Grand Canyon Unified School District Board (as president for 7 years), over 11-year term on Kaibab Learning Center Board of Directors (as fundraiser or treasurer), was a 10-year Rotary Club member (as president elect, president and secretary) and numerous other elected or appointed boards or committee over the years.

I want EVERYONE in Tusayan to feel represented by its council. I would like to help in any way that I can to improve the quality of life for Tusayan Residents and encourage visitors to experience the real Grand Canyon National Park.

Greg Brush

Vice Mayor

A long time Arizona resident, Greg lived previously in Phoenix where he graduated from Arizona State University.  Greg moved to Grand Canyon in 2003, before that he used to hike the Canyon on weekends.  An avid hiker and photographer, he’s spent most of his free time exploring the state.  Greg was previously a Grand Canyon Fire Department Captain and a volunteer at Tusayan Fire District [TFD] since 2004.  He began full time at TFD when the Fire Chief position became available in 2015.
Kathryn Kanallakan

Kathryn Kanallakan

Council Member

Josh Collet

Council Member

Andrew Aldaz

Council Member

Andrew Aldaz would like to say, I am so grateful to have this opportunity to be a voice for the youth and every resident of Tusayan. My goal is for everyone to be able to raise, live, enjoy and work in Tusayan.

I have had the opportunity to raise my four daughters here.  All four have attended the Grand Canyon School. They enjoyed the small school setting which allowed them to be involved in more things than a larger school would allow.

I moved to the Grand Canyon area 46 years ago at the age of 17, my first job here was at Babbitt’s General Store in the meat department. I also worked at the Grand Canyon School in many different positions such as Director of Maintenance and Transportation, teaching and coaching. Coaching youth baseball, softball, basketball, track and soccer.  In 2011 when I retired from the School I moved to Tusayan. I believe in supporting my community and have sat on several local boards. I am currently on the Grand Canyon Rec Center the Tusayan Fire District boards and Tusayan community liaison.

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