Emergency Management

Town of Tusayan

Community Members

Community Meeting
Tonight (Aug 24) at 6pm at Townhall there will be a Community Meeting to brief community members on the flood event and community services available.

Building Assessments
Building Assessments have now been completed in town. We are happy to report that no major infrastructure damage has been found. Property owners should immediately begin the removal of any wet carpets or dry wall. Please do NOT allow these items to sit unattended, as mold can create long term issues. The Red Cross can assist with Clean Up kits (for residential units only).

Please be mindful of wildlife.  Many have been displaced by recent flooding.  They can be found in unexpected places and are often dangerous.

Red Cross Shelter
Don’t forget that the Red Cross has established an emergency shelter at the Airport in Tusayan.  Please contact 1 800 Red-Cross for more information.

Water, Sand Bags, Food
Bottled water is available outside of Townhall for pickup.  Sandbags are also available for pickup.  Go bags with food in them should be available tomorrow.  We will send out a text when they are available for pick up.  One individual is able to pick up for multiple families at this time.

Slick Text
Emergency notifications through the town go out via Slick Text and other social media platforms.  Please encourage your staff and family members to sign up for slick text notifications by texting “Tusayan” to 844-928-4798.

Thank you!

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